Send email when some events(start,error,etc) occurs


I was testing logstash for a java application and it was looking good but in order to have a better solution i need to know if i can send an email when we have an ERROR or when the server starts(if we deploy our application). For example for a Java Jboss log, if an error occurs we can a see a message level "ERROR" and when an application start we can see this message in log "Started in".
Someone knows if this is possible with logstash filters or a tool related to logstash like elastic or kibana?
Currently we use file beat too.

Pleas help me.

You can wrap an email output in a conditional that checks if the current event is an error. The problem with doing this is that there won't be any rate-limiting. If your application acts up and spews error messages you'll get flooded with email.

Another option could be to use Watcher or Elastalert.

Hey Magnus, Thanks a lot.

Wich option is better: conditional, watcher of elastalert?

We have some applications from differents modules(example Ecommerce) and we want to send emails to the developers of that module when a error appears.

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I haven't used either Watcher or Elastalert so I can't make a recommendation, but I suggest you don't use the email output for the reasons I mentioned previously.