Send file of json object to elastic

Hello i have a file with many json object like this

{"created_at":"Wed Mar 27 12:56:52 +0000 2019","favorite_count":1,"id":1110888418005921792,"retweet_count":0,"user_create":"Thu Sep 09 14:44:25 +0000 2010","user_desc":"husband and daddy first, fan of OAFC, Lancs Cricket and Detroit Red Wings second. occasional knifey-spoony player.","user_fav_count":2273,"user_followers_count":293,"user_statuses_count":6091,"user_friends_count":1038,"user_retweet_count":0,"clean":"No fan of  mcfc and have little time for  psg but fail to see how they can be punished under  FFP when same rules allow some clubs to be saddled with debt  others can have execs from major sponsors on the board and others are allowed to have 3rd parties pay part of players wages"}
{"created_at":"Tue Apr 02 15:45:26 +0000 2019","favorite_count":0,"id":1113105164876111873,"retweet_count":0,"user_create":"Sun Sep 23 22:06:06 +0000 2018","user_desc":"Je les préfère blonde // . P.S.G dans le sangre //Tu cherches quoi exactement ?","user_fav_count":6837,"user_followers_count":48,"user_statuses_count":5336,"user_friends_count":80,"user_retweet_count":0,"clean":" jalousy  cause PSG is growing and it piss people over here"}
{"created_at":"Mon Apr 01 13:07:27 +0000 2019","favorite_count":0,"id":1112703020872159238,"retweet_count":0,"user_create":"Tue Jan 20 05:48:49 +0000 2015","user_desc":"ECONomics📊 💹. Existence is a blink So spread love 👉🌎.\npoetry👌. ⚽ Not English but I love  @manutd 🔴........\n☎+254 702 802861","user_fav_count":13470,"user_followers_count":809,"user_statuses_count":6294,"user_friends_count":488,"user_retweet_count":0,"clean":" If we sell Herrera I ll pray to the Almighty that next season we play against PSG and I ll get a chance to support Ander beat us in a PSG shirt"}

i tried to send it to elastic with the following command

curl -XPOST '' -d @tweet_clean.json

i don't have error but no file was uploading.

Can you help me please ??

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