Send "format" logs

I have an issue by sending the format of my logs to elasticsearch, I've got my logs in a file, they are getting into the file in this format:

Apr 5 16:11:01 T30_PABLO (2018-04-05T14:11:01) http-proxy[2072]: msg_id="1AFF-0021" Allow 1-Trusted 4-Embou tcp [HERE GOES MY PUBLIC IP ADDRES SORRY FOR NO POSTING IT IN HERE] 43832 80 msg="ProxyAllow: HTTP Request categories" proxy_act="HTTP-Client.Standard.1" cats="Uncategorized" op="GET" dstname="" arg="/api/v1/third/flushdata" (HTTP-proxy-00)

Is there a way to send it in a specified format or not i dunno if it is and someone can post a guide about how to do it or just explain it to me it would be much helpfull



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