Send json data with escape character

I am using Kapacitor to send alerts via post method to elasticsearch. However, I was unable to do, so to debug further I was using a local django application to read the post response. By using alert template I am able to get the data in desired format:
{"\"id\": \"4g-alert\",\"time\": \"2022-10-19 13:30:01 +0000 UTC\",\"tag1\": \"0005B951C718_10213\",\"KPI_Name\": \"KPI_name,\"KPI_value\": \"0\",\"Level\": CRITICAL,\"previousLevel\": CRITICAL\""}

However the kapacitor alert is adding '' as escape character, when I tried to send the same json using curl command it worked. Any way to remove the slash() or any other solution for this.

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