Send kafka topics to different elastic search hosts through logstash

I have created one logstash conf file and reading kafka topic and trying to send to different elastic search deployed on different servers. Can you please help, what I am doing wrong. Nothings happening. Below my code
When I up the instance, data going to local elastic search only not deployed on abc:9200

input { 
  kafka { 
    bootstrap_servers => "localhost:9092" 
    topics => ["topic_1"]
output {
  elasticsearch { 
    hosts => ["abc:9200","localhost:9200"] 
	index => "contacttrace"

I have no experience with this plugin, but does it really emit events with a field [kafka][bootstrap_servers]? If it doesn't, you'll have to add_field => {"[kafka][bootstrap_servers]" => "…"} that yourself in the input.

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