Send Only updates to Kafka topic

Hi Team,
we need to send the updates received into ElasticSearch Index(example: testcaseindex) to Kafka topic

The Solution i am looking for is:-
To only pick up UPDATES not the whole of index data everytime we schedule and send to kafka topic - below data sends all of data every time we send

hosts => "xxxxxxxxxxxx01:9201"
index => "testcaseindex"
size => 1000
scroll => "5m"
docinfo => true

codec => json
topic_id => "POC.CASE.TOPIC"
bootstrap_servers => ""

RUN with below
bin/logstash -f logstash-filter.conf

I do not think the elasticsearch input plugin has anything similar to the sql_last_value parameter in the JDBC plugin, so it is likely not able to select only updates according to some criteria.

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