Send logs from log4j2 on cloudhub to logstash on remote redhat linux machine

Hi There,

I am a newbie to ELK stack. As my topic's title crisply says i need to send the logs of an application running on cloudhub to a remote redhat linux machine where my logstash is running (the filter configured for the custom log format) - is there a working mechanism that anyone can suggest?

I am trying to setup the logstash pipeline with the input as log4j. But i see that on that respective plugin page it is deprecated and asking to migrate to filebeat.

My first question is - Is the log4j2 also not supported!? And if at all supported do we use the same plugin?

I have seen some links which says to use tcp, but i have never got a concrete example.

Lastly a mere question - Is there a possibility of running logstash on cloud?

I have an urgent requirement to implement this use-case. Any advise is highly appreciated! Please help as possible! :sweat_smile:

Kaushik Vankayala

I have alternatively achieved another way to stream the logs using a tcp input plugin. But i am still unable to implement SSL security over the communication. Will update if i find one best way.

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