Send logs to specific elasic node in kubernetes

I have 3 nodes of Elasticsearch (el-0, el-1, el-2) each on 3 nodes of kubernetes (k8node-0, k8node-1, k8node2) . All of them master-node.
Also i have 3 instance of Filebeat (fb-0, fb-1, fb-2) each on the same 3 nodes of k8s.

k8node-0: el-0, fb-0
k8node-1: el-1, fb-1
k8node-2: el-1, fb-2

Now I want to send logs from fb-0 directly to el-0 inside k8node-0. And so on.
fb0 -> el-0
fb1 -> el-1
fb2 -> el-2
How i can configure this scheme?
How i can be shure that fb-0 won't send logs to el-1 or el-2 etc.?

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