Send Logstash events to secure Elasticsearch cluster


I have a 6 node Elasticsearch cluster deployed at two center with two Zone configuration. There are two master nodes (Master-1 & Master-2) at two locations. Both Master nodes are configured to use different certificates Master-1 with DNS and Master-2 with DNS
I have to send the Logstash events to my elastic search cluster. how i can configure both master node with SSL config in logstash output config block.

First I would recommend you read this section in the documentation as it looks like you are looking for high availability and still only have 2 zones. Be aware that it is impossible to make Elasticsearch highly available across only 2 zones.

If you have dedicated master nodes (of which you should have 3), you should generally not send traffic through these. Instead direct the traffic to the data nodes.

I do not think the Elasticsearch output plugin in Logstash can handle certificates per node, so I am not sure this is possible. Why do you have it set up this way in the first place?

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