Send Tomcat8 (catalina.out) log to show in kibana

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Hi. This is my first post here. I hope be in the right way.

I have installed Full Stack Elastic (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash) in a ubuntu 18.04 server, all is ok. Then I have installed filebeat 6.4.2 in each server that I want to send log to logstash, in this case all is ok for PostgreSQL and Jasper Server, but I have problem when I want to install filebeat in a tomcat8 server. It don't work in the same way.

Could you tell where read something? or a little help.

Thanks for read.

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@debsdaniel can you share the specific error you've encountered? We'll need more of an idea of what isn't working to help here.

(Daniel) #3

Thanks for answer. In the server with Tomcat 8 (Apache Tomcat/8.0.32 (Ubuntu)), I install and set the filebeat agent, when I restart the service (filebeat), it say that connection to backoff (servername and port 5044) established, the same message when I set and install on postgresql server, but in Tomcat I can't see nothing from kibana.

Here is the log of filebeat when I restart the service...

Could you help me?

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