Send Weblogic data into Elasticsearch

Hello team,
We are using below code to send data to Elasticsearch from weblogic as per mentioned in below URL, but we are not getting any data.

Elasticsearch URL: https://localhost:9200
username: elastic
password: elastic

am i missing something may be user name and password , if yes how and where to configure?

publishHost:  localhost
publishPort:  9200
domainUID:  domain1
weblogicLoggingExporterEnabled: true
weblogicLoggingIndexName:  domain1-wls
weblogicLoggingExporterSeverity:  Notice
weblogicLoggingExporterBulkSize: 1
- filterExpression:  'severity > Warning'

This is a thirdy-party tool, so you will need to check with the developers of the tool, but looking into the repository issues, it seems that the tool does not support neither Authentication nor HTTPS.

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