Sending container service logs to the elasticsearch

Dears, good morning!
I'm trying to set up without success in my compose file sending the logs of my containers / services to the elastic, below the configuration I'm using.
I am using elasticstack 7.2.0 and below the configuration of my service logs
My logstash works on port 5044 tcp, the service / container loads normally, but logs are not sent to logstash and therefore to elasticsearch.

  driver: "gelf"
      gelf-address: "tcp://"
     tag: "grafana"
     env: "producao"         

It will be that you can help me or indicate some documentation of configuration to help me.

Why don’t you use beats framework to ship logs?

We also have a automatic integration (
Docker module) to docker and kubernetes through which you can ship logs. Just need need to install beats.

You can refer this blog post and this webinar for more details.

Thank you very much I will see the documentation that made available and return.

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