Sending data from CSV to Elasticsearch

I have several logs in my windows machine which must be send to my elasticsearch server.

Right now I am using nxlog and td-agent for transporting data.
But I want to learn on Beats.

I already installed beats with default config.
I also read in some other post that it is not possible on sending data from csv to elasticsearch thru beats. Is this true?

I really need suggestions on process flow and if I need to use logstash for this.

Thank you!

It is not true.

You don't need to use Logstash, you can use Elasticsearch and the ingest API -

So I only need to use beats and elasticsearch with ingest API for sending data from csv?

If you can process the CSV using the various filters in the ingest API, then yes!

Alright, I'll try to use the ingest first. Thanks for the suggestion dude.

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