Sending email from gmail

I know there a lot of questions around this issue, and haven't seen a clear explanation...TBH

I installed my ELK stack using rpm and running very fine.

However, have been struggling on how to get my watcher up and running. However, in the elastic documentation, it wasn't stated on how store the SMTP account password using rpm file, the command only works when ELK is installed as tar file.

So i ran this command to store the SMTP account provided by elastic
bin/elasticsearch-keystore add

And here is my respond on my console
[root@localhost elasticsearch]# bin/elasticsearch-keystore add
-bash: bin/elasticsearch-keystore: No such file or directory

Below is my elasticsearch.yml on watcher
profile: gmail
auth: true
starttls.enable: true
port: 587
user: **********

Also, do i need to configure mail processing system like mailx on my server before watcher can work.
Kindly help out. Thanks.

the binary is in a different location, when installing as RPM. See documentation lists the directory layout of the RPM

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