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(Raghavendra) #1

Hello Team,

I have installed ELK stack on one of the window server.
All 3 products are up and running fine! However, I need to send a simple excel file into logstash & get it displayed in Kibana.
I am not sure about the steps to be executed for this scenario. Can someone help me on the same?

I have only installed logstash on windows server at this moment. Do we need to install logstash agents and other softwares?

Please help us on the same!
Raghavendra Guttur
EMC Data Storage Systems
EMC Bangalore, India
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(Mark Walkom) #2

Logstash doesn't support XLS, you will need to export that to CSV.

(Raghavendra) #3

Thanks for your reply!
Do you have a sample format of CSV data that can be pumped into logstash?
Meanwhile, I am planning to leverage options available in Kibana tool for uploading this CSV data. Is that ok?
If commands are useful, do you mind sharing the command line?

(Mark Walkom) #4

Just export the XLS as a CSV, then you have your data.

There are no tools in Kibana to upload data to ES, that's what Logstash is for.

(Raghavendra) #5

Sure! Let me give it a try.

(Raghavendra) #6


Was able to design an input, filter, output conf file and was able to pump the data!
Also referred below site for more information:

Fantastic! Thanks for all your help!

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