Sending logfiles with Filebeats: Do I need to Install the entire ELK Stack on My Client Server?

I am new to elastic search but fascinated with it's powerful ability.

I have 2 subnets; A and B in my virtual KVM lab, I want a server in A to send log files to an elasticsearch server in B. I have set up elasticsearch/kibana/logstash on the Server in subnet B

I am ready to install filebeats on the client server in A.

Kindly enlighten me, do I need to install the entire ELK stack on the client server in A in order to use filebeats from there as suggested in the documentation here
Thank you

@threeas Hey, no you don't need to install ELK stack on A, you just need Filebeat on A and ELK stack on B. Configure Filebeats input to get logs at A and output to send logs to either Logstash or ElasticSearch.

@Ritwik_Sharma Thank you for your help, I got it working on both systems now without installing the entire Stack as you advised.

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