Sending out logs from Windows machine to logstash via another Windows machine


I am currently working on a process where we want to feed machine logs to our Logstash server.
The way our network is setup makes it impossible to feed logs directly from Machine PC's to Logstash as Machine PC 1, 2 and 3 don't have access to our LAN. They are connected directly to HUB PC and we can't open the communication between Machine PC's and Logstash. Our first thought was to setup Filebeat on HUB PC to pull logs via shared folders mapped from Machine PC's but that did not worked. Could you propose a resilient and reliable solution in that case? We don't want to install Logstash instance on HUB PC.
I'd appreciate any advice.
I am attaching a simple architecture graph.


In this situation, we run logstash on the hub system but we are able to send from there to elasticsearch.

There is a section in the logstash doc for ls-to-ls communication but I've never tried it.

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