Send Logs from Filebeat on my local machine to Logstash having a private ip

Hi i have installed filebeat on my local windows machine. I want to send logs to Logstash which has a private IP only and is in a different VPC. How can i set a connection between these two machines?
Is it possible?

Is this VPC on a different machine, or just running as a different host also on the same local windows machine? Sounds like a networking issue either way. The answer is probably yes since you can theoretically network anything, but will need more info. If everything is local on your machine you should be able to configure your VM program to network between both systems.

As Andrew said, yes you can.

  1. Open port on LS side.
  2. Run a LS process with .conf, test the connection with telnet/curl
  3. Run FB
    Would recommend to use HTTPS.

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