Sending queries via external file to protected Kibana

Hello there!

I was wondering something as a simple minded programmer. Here is the situation. Lets say I am at location B which is about 50 km from location A. I have a Kibana setup at location A but Kibana is only accessible at location A and therefore not at location B. This is due to server protections

I would like to be able to grab some data from Kibana at location B without changing the server protection. At first I figured that an iFrame might be the solution but sadly that would still require access at location A. Then I was thinking of making a small program which simply sends a query (similar to how the URL syntax works of Kibana's URL) and Kibana sends the results back to me in the format that I requested it to be.

Is such a concept possible at this time?

Thanks in advance :smile:

If A is protected from B how would you write an application? it would still need some kind of access.

Well I was asking that here actually. If you for example look at the iFrame sharing option that some graphs have, that still means you need a connection as your current session at location B needs to look up the URL from the iFrame.

What I am trying to find is a way where I can grab data that I need via a query by using Json or something. What I want is to have an application at location A that gives me this information and allows me to grab it via location B

If I'm understaning this situation correctly you have server 1 (I lost track of whats A and B) , which is your Elastic search and Kibana , and server 2 , which is some other web server , serving web applications to the outside.... server 1 is protected , but server 2 is open.
You want want server 2 to be able to pull info from server 1 , without exposing server 1 to the outside ?

If this is the case , ,you can just run kibana on server 2 and point it to server one - so it will get the information as JSON and then present it from server 2.

Although your question makes it sound as if you only have server 1 (elastic search) but you want a user to get access to the information without having access to the server. If server 1 is protected - then thats it . Doesnt matter if its http or watever other "query" .. its not going to allow you to get the data unless you open some ports up.
And if you Can open a port up for "querying" - why cant you open 5601 up for kibana ?
Its maybe not as simple as this - but then you'll need to be clearer about what is protected , how and how you intend / want to get around that.