Sentry appender to elasticsearch log4j2 conf

Hi people,

I'm trying to wire elasticsearch logging with sentry error management.
Sentry is providing jar libs ( which give new appender called sentry which will send events to sentry backend.

Note that I also created an issue on sentry side to clarify some of my questionning on the lib requirements and usage (

I just added libs in elasticsearch lib folder, and declared sentry appender and bind it to rootLogger as below

appender.sentry.type = Sentry = sentry
rootLogger.level = info
rootLogger.appenderRef.sentry.ref = sentry

If I let log level of rootLogger to info, I don't see any event sent to sentry and so I'm assuming no log is sent to sentry appender
If I set log level of rootLogger to all, I can see some early stage ES boot logs like below but nothing after some seconds.
If I set any level other than all on rootLogger I see nothing on sentry side and still assuming nothing is sent to appender.

Did anybody already successfully wire ES with sentry ?

Also I can see sentry has slf4j as a dependency and was wondering if I was missing something with confs and bindings between log4j2 and slf4j maybe...

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