Separate production logs - logstash

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I have an single ELK stack collecting both Production and Development logs. Logstash is parses logs to elasticsearch.

  1. How can I use the same cluster to separate production from development logs ?
  2. what is the recommended approach to collect logs use ELK stack when more then two environments are present eg, test, dev, stage etc..

You can just setup different indexes for your production and development logs in the Output of your pipeline.

output {
	if "realtime-log" == [type] {
		elasticsearch {
			ssl => true
			cacert => "/etc/logstash/.crt"
			hosts => [ "https://elasticsearch:9200" ]
			codec => "json"
			action => "index"
			index => "%{indexname}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
			id => "realtime-log-out"

In this case, I am setting an indexname and appending the current date to my index before I submit it to Elastic Search.

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