Separate tenant data within a single index in a multi tenant application


I have a multi tenant application and all customers data needs to be indexed. I went through the following articles to come up with a good strategy for this.

For us there is a strict requirement customer data needs to be properly segregated and the approach of one index for all tenant data may not be the right approach for us as we are relying on filtering capabilities to segregate the data.

Are there any other strategies that would help us in our case.

Thank you


you can have multiple indices with all the drawbacks mentioned. I dont understand what prevents you from using an filtered alias compared to single indices? The data is still lying next to each other on disk, so why exactly is this a problem? Maybe the definition of 'properly segregated' is a different one...

You have to bite one bullet in this case. But if you need true separation you will need separate clusters anyway, so I personally would not be worried with one big index.


@spinscale thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate it. that answers my question..."You have to bite one bullet in this case" :slight_smile:

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