server.basePath assistance


I have been struggling to figure out how to proxy Kibana requests on my Docker swarm mode cluster. I am using the "Traefik" reverse proxy, and this works perfectly for domain-based Kibana (e.g. ""). I am using the official 5.5.2 Kibana image, with X-Pack removed from the Dockerfile.

What doesn't work is the server.basePath setting. I'm trying to configure Kibana to respect "", but all I'm getting is 404 pages. My settings are as follows:


  • server.basePath: "/kibana"
  • ""

Traefik labels:

  •;PathPrefixStrip:/kibana (alternatively, "PathStrip:/kibana")

I don't understand what I'm missing, and I have completely run out of ideas. If anyone could offer me some advise, it would be greatly appreciated. ""

Can I ask what the "/0" at the end is for?

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