Services are running actively but can not access kibana

Hi Team,

I have set up Two VM's in which elasticsearch (version: 7.17.6) and kibana (version: 7.17.6) is installed on one VM both are running with SSL, filebeat (version: 7.17.6) and wazuh manager (version: 4.3.10) is installed on another. All services are running actively and connectivity has been established. When I try to access kibana URL I have experienced the following error. i have used on both chrome (version: 65.0) and firefox (version: 60.8) . I need to follow this version.

kindly help me out to resolve this issue.

Thank you

Hi @Zahid_Ali ,

How did you install the stack? Did you use official distributable, e.g. docker images?

Since the error mentions core I think there should be some errors in Kibana Server logs. It might give you some information.

Best, Dima

For quick solution, although not recommended, you can disable the CSP strict checking in Kibana by adding:

  strict: false
    - unsafe-eval
    - self
    - unsafe-inline

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