Set default zoom on a canvas in a map

How would you set the map on a canvas to a default zoom like 4.99 if you refresh the page? Is there anything I have to put in the expression editor?

Also, whenever I click on an ID in the dropdown menu, the map vanishes for no reason? Can you explain that? I have already autofitted the map to the bounds.

The location of the map is saved with the canvas, and there is no way to set a default map location so when the page reloads it will reflect the last state, no matter the workpad was in fullscreen or with the editing controls hidden.

Not sure to understand what's going on. If you could share more details:

  • Stack version
  • Steps to reproduce the error
  • Datasets used, ideally if you could reproduce with one the sample datasets that'd be perfect

Hope it helps.

I already solved the problem. Do not worry about it. :grinning:

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