Set index name when first start metricbeat

When start metricbeat first time.
it automatically make index name and lifecycle policy settings

i want to be modify like this

  • index name : SystemInfo-7.1.0-000001
  • lifecycle policy name: SystemInfo
  • lifecycle policy option :

"policy": {
"phases": {
"hot": {
"min_age": "0ms",
"actions": {
"rollover": {
"max_age": "7d",
"max_size": "20gb"
"set_priority": {
"priority": 100
"delete": {
"min_age": "3d",
"actions": {
"delete": {}
} } } } }

so i just try modify in my metricbeat.yml like this

setup.ilm.enabled: auto
setup.ilm.rollover_alias: "SystemInfo-{agent.version}"
setup.ilm.pattern: "000001"
setup.ilm.policy_name: "SystemInfo"

then i make only lifecycle policy - just name SystemInfo with automatically options
and it doesn't make index anything.

how can i custom metricbeat index??
and how can i custom lifecycle policy options??



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