Setting up Elasticsearch in Production

Hello All,

I am setting up ES in production with a different approach. I am actually splitting up the node role( master, data & ingest ). I know the configuration for each of them and this is well defined in the documentation. What makes me confuse is the how these three (master, node & ingest) node talk to each other. I have a total of 9 server ( 3 servers each ). Do i need to specify to have FQDN's of all 9 servers?

Or there is some other way or a best practices document to setup Elasticsearch with this type of approach.

If someone can help me point to a documentation it would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Just list the masters in there and you will be ok.

Thanks mark for the answer.

But i am bit confused as, if i just list the masters in there, how it is gonna know about client and data nodes.

And similarly how does data and client node know about each other.


Because each node will contact that list and the master will then it will tell that node about the rest of the cluster.

Now i get it :slight_smile: .

And should i point my load balancer to client nodes instead of master. ?

100% yes :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark it works like a charm..... Appreciate the response and the great work elastic is doing.

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