Setting up Elasticssearch cluster in cloud

Would like to know any pitfalls in setting up the elastic cluster in AWS for log analysis use case where the log files resides in the data center. Also if any challenges in setting the required configuration to have the elastic cluster working efficiently.

This is a very broad question, you may want to consider writing down a few concerns so we can address them specifically.

Following are few points which I can think of.

  1. Network bandwidth from data center to the AWS to push the logs from filebeat.
  2. Predefined hardware specifications in AWS not to match the desired hardware.
  3. N/W connectivity issues between DC and AWS will lead to the data not being transferred to AWS
  4. Any limitation on AWS nodes not to support the required configuration including the OS/Kernel level settings which might affect the Elastic stack functionality.

Just wanted to check if there are any inputs for this query.

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