Setting up kiosk mode canvas with security enabled


It there a way to set a canvas to be "public" after enabling security?

I have dashboards that I want to secure, but want a kiosk mode raspberry pi to be able to access a canvas dashboard without the need to log in, as it doesnt have a keyboard or mouse?


@samgs that's a great question, unfortunately there's no way to do this for the time being. I will say there's been conversations about ways we can get Kibana stuff out in a secure way, but we're still in the conceptual phase.

The only thing I can offer as a recommendation is using dashboard's and creating a dashboard-only user to display on you pi. I know it's not the same as the Canvas functionality, but it's about the only thing I can recommend at this point.

Thanks Joel.

Is there a guide to setting up a pi to run a dashboard? Is there a way to store the credentials on the pi so it auto -logins? I dont want a keyboard attached to the pi.