Setting up parent/child facets with web crawler

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I am using HTML meta tags to add facets to my content when it is crawled. Is there any way to make this hierarchal? I have parent and child categories that I would like to be shown as parent/child checkboxes when using the Reference UI (the screenshot on the page when building out the UI shows that as possible). Below is a sample of my HTML.

I'm on version 7.13.1


<meta class="elastic" name="categories" content="Category 1"> 
<meta class="elastic" name="child_categories" content="Child Category A">
<meta class="elastic" name="categories" content="Category 2"> 
<meta class="elastic" name="child_categories" content="Child Category B"> 

Hey @tchocky! So unfortunately I think the placeholder graphic you highlighted is actually misleading there - Reference UI doesn't come with nested facet fileters out of the box as far as I know. If you really wanted that UX, that's likely something you'd need to create a custom Search UI for yourself.

CCing @JasonStoltz in here as he'd know for sure - he'll be around on Monday to confirm for sure (and also if we should maybe change that graphic, haha :woman_facepalming:)

Apologies I couldn't be more helpful, and thanks for your patience!

You're correct Constance. Additionally, there's no first class support for hierarchical facets in App Search or Search UI either.

Here is a guide to implement Hierarchical Facets generally in App Search: Hierarchical Facets Guide | Elastic App Search Documentation [7.13] | Elastic

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