Setting up security and alerting in basic license cluster

I want to enable the security settings to use the alerting capabillites of the stack.
What i dont understand from the user guide is this - do i need to do what is told on every node in the cluster?

Yes, security needs to be setup and enabled on every node in the cluster.

Most of the steps try to say whether to do it on every node, but there's some that aren't as clear as they should be.

The short answer is:

  • Anything that changes elasticsearch.yml or adds something to the Elasticsearch keystore, needs to happen on every node.
  • Anytime you're asked to (re)start Elasticsearch, you typically want to restart all nodes.
  • Anything that generates a new TLS certificate or key, is typically run only once and then copied to each node.
  • Setting the initial passwords for the builtin users is done once only.
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