Settings SSL/TLS setup with PKCS8 keys

Hi, I'm trying to set up SSL/TLS with x-pack and running into this on all nodes
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: parsed an unsupported object [PKCS8EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo]
My configuration elasticsearch.yml true certificate /etc/elasticsearch/cert/elastic.key /etc/elasticsearch/cert/elastic.crt [ "/etc/elasticsearch/cert/vaca.crt"]

Can you help me please !


Your elastic.key is encrypted and encoded with PKCS#8. Unfortunately, we do not currently support PKCS#8 encoded encrypted (password protected) private keys. We support

  • unencrypted PKCS#8 encoded private keys
  • unencrypted PKCS#1 encoded (also known as OpenSSL format) keys
  • encrypted(password protected) PKCS#1 encoded (also known as OpenSSL format) keys
  • PKCS#12 keystores (possible password protected) that contain private keys and certificates

A workaround for now would be to convert your key to PKCS#1

openssl rsa -des3 -in elastic.key -out elastic-pkcs1.key

and follow the prompts from entering the password to protect the key. You can change the algorithm used for encrypting the key (-des3 as in triple DES) to -aes128 , -aes192 or -aes256 if you prefer.

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