setTypes ignored on Completion search

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Here is my code:

CompletionSuggestionBuilder completionSuggestionBuilder = SuggestBuilders.completionSuggestion("suggest");

    if (isEmpty(searchString)) {"Adding regex");
    } else {"Adding search string as prefix");

    SuggestBuilder suggest = new SuggestBuilder().addSuggestion(suggestionName, completionSuggestionBuilder);"Suggest search on Index [" + INDEX_NAME + "] and types set to [" + resourceDefinitionId.getId() + "]");

    SearchRequestBuilder searchRequestBuilder = transportClient.prepareSearch(INDEX_NAME).setTypes("myId").suggest(suggest);"searchRequestBuilder is " + searchRequestBuilder.toString());

    SearchResponse searchResponse = searchRequestBuilder.get();
    SearchHits hits = searchResponse.getHits();

But I get hits back that are not of the supplied type. Is this expected behaviour?

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yes, the completion suggester takes the whole index into account.

You can however use the context suggester to filter for documents in an index (also allowing the for the type)


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