Setup.dashboard.url - functionning (In filebeat.yml)

Hello guys,

In the project in which I'm working, we are trying to use filebeat to import directly the dashboards we create in Kibana. We already have a gitlab repository in which we save our documents to easy manage all the ELK files, as well as, we have imported the dashboards to kibana with filebeat by modifying the filebeat.yml file and uncomment the option in setup.dashboard.file, addresing it to our json files saved in the folder dashboard/7/dashboard of the filebeat global folder.

Could somebody gives me a explanation about how I can use the options to add dashboards from files located in a gitlab repository ?, or in the other case, how to use that functionality (setup.dashboard.url )? , the instructions in the official page are too limited.

Thanks so much,

Juan David Briceno Guerrero

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