Why does filebeat create dashboards for disabled modules?

I recently installed filebeat to monitor and ship my nginx logs.
I followed the setup instructions, and included the setup.kibana config details because I wanted the nginx dashboards.
However, when running setup filebeat has created dashboards for ALL modules, flooding my kibana with a plethora of entirely useless dashboards.
Why does it do this?
How can I make it not do this in future?

Many thanks

Everything in the kibana/7/dashboard/ folder will be uploaded. Can just delete the files you don't want uploaded before you run setup.

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Similarly, when the filebeat index pattern gets created there's an unbelievable amount of cruft in there - so much so that Kibana times out trying to show me the index mapping for the first time.

The fields.yml file says at the top to not edit it directly. Is that still good advice?

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