Setup lifecycle of "infra" plugin wasn't completed in 10sec. Consider disabling the plugin and re-start

I have integrated kibana charts in react web app using an iframe tag, I want to render multiple charts on the same page of my react app. I am facing the issue if I render multiple charts, please refer to the attached image.

this only happens if I try to open multiple charts on the same page or open charts in multiple browser tabs also, it takes too much time to render for multiple charts.

any help here will be appreciated.

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Have you tried disabling the infra plugin, restarting, and trying again?

My guess is the desktop machine is a bit too slow to load all of the scripts for Kibana when it's within the iframe. Does this error happen on a faster desktop machine?

Hi @tsullivan ,

Thank you so much for your reply on this issue.

can you please tell me how to disable the infra plugin?

for your information, our react js web app instances are on AWS, if we try to load charts from different subnets then we are facing this issue and if we open charts from the same subnets then charts open up within a couple of seconds without any error.
This issue started coming up after we updated the Kibana version to 7.16 from 7.10 because of log4j vulnerability.
on Kibana version 7.10 multiple charts were loading but it was taking too much time to load a chart but never gave this error.

we tried to add monitoring.enable: false in the kibana.yml file but it didn't work.

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