Setup repository on cluster across two servers

Hello, I have a cluster set up on two servers,

  1. Node master and coordination on IP
  2. Node data on IP

I want to set up repository on my cluster, here is my question

  1. How I can declare my path.repo here, should I declare the path from node data or node master?
  2. Can I declare path.repo from multiple hosts despite I have pretty similar path on each host, so I think they can't communicate each other. (i.e: "/data/master" on master host and "/data/node_data" on data host)

Is there any suggestion I can implement to setup repository on my case?

feel free to ask additional information about this, because I already on deadend rn lol,
Thanks in advance

Both. All master and data nodes need to have access to the shared storage on the same path.

No, the shared storage must be mapped to exactly the same path.

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so if my master or data node don't have "direct access" to the current path, it couldn't be configured right?

You will need to create a shared data volume, e.g. using NFS, and mount it on the same path on both nodes. If that is not possible you will not be able to create snapshots, at least with a file system repository. You could still use e.g. an S3 repository if you have access to that.


I see, thank you for the kindly help
hope you have a nice day

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