Setup to create daily snapshots and purge old snapshots

I am successfully to create snapshots at s3 and restore the snapshots to use.

Here is the cron I have setup:

es 5.2/curator4.2

0 0 * * * curator_cli --host snapshot --repository s3_repo --wait_for_completion true

0 1 * * * curator_cli --host delete_snapshots --repository s3_repo --filter_list '[{"filtertype":"age","source":"creation_date","direction":"older","unit":"days","unit_count":5}]'

It is checked that the snapshots are created daily and old snapshots are removed.

So I want to ask if the "remove old snapshot" cron run after the daily snapshot , will it be a problem if I restore from the latest snapshot? Will there be any data lost ? As I know the snapshots are created incrementally.

Snapshots are incremental as you note. If you delete one from 2 days ago, ES will keep any segments it needs to make sure it can still restore the one from today.

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