Severity/protocol etc keywords are not working with ES?

Hi ES Team,

we are severity/protocol etc keywords for fields and while using them, none of queries work???

let's say,

severity:Error or protocol:tcp

if i rename protocol to protocol-name or something else then it works.

may i know why ?

are they reserved keywords ? if yes then kindly let me know the list of all reserved keywords .


No reserved keywords. If you want to match keywords, you need to set the fields as not_analyzed in your mapping and then query the exact original value for a field using a term query.

i know but only concern is that why field name protocol is not working for any search query but if i rename protocol to something else then it works like a charm..

same as severity keyword

no clue what's going on ???

Do you have different document types within the same index that have a "protocol" or "severity" field?

Can you please post your mappings?

Thanks, Problem has been fixed.

Your were right.same fields having diff. data types suck :slightly_smiling:

tanguy,you are so smart !!! :wink: