Shard activity: There are currently no active shard records for this cluster



I am running a single instance of ELK 5.1.2 on one server and installed x-pack with basic license.
Now I am exploring, what I can see on the monitoring tab in kibana.

I noticed following message in elasticsearch overview:

There are currently no active shard records for this cluster. Try viewing shard history.

Why is nothing shown here? Is that not included in basic license or did I make a mistake on configuration / installation?

Thanks in advance,

(Matt Bargar) #2

It's actually normal for that table to be empty. It shows any shards that are currently being relocated, restored, etc. If things show up there, it’s usually because a node left, new node joined, cluster is rebalancing, an index is being restored from a snapshot, etc.

(Chris Earle) #3

To add to what @Bargs said, the key is that it's only going to show active shard activity. You can view the shard history by clicking the small button in the top corner of that table.

From there, it will show any shard activity that occurred during the selected time-window (top right time picker, such as Last 1 hour).


so activity does not include search or insert requests to the shard? Thats what I supposed by the name.

(system) #5

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