Shard allocate

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Hello guys, I have a problem. I have 3 node cluster with 5 shards and 2 replicas. My data is distributed all nodes. My app connect to node 1, but I see only 3 shards on this node, so I think I cannot get all data when my app connect node 1 because data is spread out all node. Can you help? Thank you much!

(Glen Smith) #2

It doesn't matter which node you connect to. Search requests will be routed to all shards (on all nodes) that could have results for the search.
That's why you don't really need 2 replicas per shard. You don't need a copy of every shard on every node.

(Nguyễn Hữu Khôi) #3

Ok, I see. thank you much. :slight_smile:

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