Shard allocation awareness implementation in elasticsarch

we are using open source elasticsearch 5.6.10 from last 2 years in AWS cloud, but didn't implement shard allocation awareness in the clusters. Since the lack of shard allocation of awareness, the shards are distributed in the same zone.

Currently we are planning to implement the shard zone awareness attributes in the elasticsearch config yaml file. we have around 20 nodes in each cluster, distributed across all availability zones equally.

Please let us know the process for shard awareness migration without having any downtime?

This version is very old, it went EOL more than 2 years ago, perhaps even before you started using it? You should upgrade as a matter of urgency.

Do a rolling restart to set the node attributes on each node, and then do another one to set cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes.

Is this the aws service, or are you running on ec2?

This is opensource ES, it is running on VM's.

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