Shard allocation on cluster

Hi to all.
Imagine that we have 4 data nodes. N1 and N2 placed on main data center and N3 and N4 placed in backup data center.
How to configure shard allocation to place all primary shards on N1 and N2 nodes and all replica shard on N3 and N4 nodes.
Thanks in advance.

Anyway. In my case primary shards can allocate on N3 and N4 nodes, but in any case replica and primary shards can't placed on the same datacenter.

You can not conrol where primary and replica shards are located as Elasticsearch can switch this when needed. You can define your two data centres as zones and forec Elasticsearch to allocate primary and replica to different zones using shard allocation awareness.

Also not that it is impossible to create a highly available cluster across only 2 data centres.

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