Shard count too high

I am doing an upgrade from 2.4 to 5.x. When I ran the elasticsearch-migration plugin, it gives me this message in the Cluster check results:
"Indices: Total primary shards:

  • In 5.x, a maximum of 1000 shards can be queried in a single request. This cluster has 2476 primary shards"

But when I do 'XGET _cat/shards', I only get 602 shards in the output. I am using curator to close indices greater than 60 days. Is that where the extra shards are coming from? Do I need to worry about this error, since we don't do queries that include closed indices in Curator?

Hi @lhorsky1,

I checked the source code of the migration plugin. It reads all indices returned by /_cluster/state/metadata (including closed ones) and sums up the number of shards it finds there. So you're right: The large discrepancy is coming from closed indices and I'd say you can safely ignore this warning.


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