Shard relocation failed due to filesystem read-only


I'm using elasticsearch2.3.2,many warning log detail appered start from yesterday,like
[track_report_idmonitor_hour_17][29] received shard failed for target shard [[track_report_idmonitor_hour_17][29], node[77MLQROxTgWI-FvwLYEghA], relocating [gnpweLOWTAKcLzKKr8sJJQ], [P], v[42919], s[INITIALIZING], a[id=fYgXh-aHQ6ecl2ctN2nGqA, rId=m0uK_m-nSiGtarn9udUecg], expected_shard_size[20728473815]], indexUUID [nC6QvdOPQkS9oqdmUXrl7Q], message [failed to create shard], failure [ElasticsearchException[failed to create shard]; nested: NotSerializableExceptionWrapper[file_system_exception: /ssd1/elasticsearch_data/track_report_production/nodes/0/indices: Read-only file system]; ]

Now,I‘m worried about losing my data,it there some way resolve it safely?By the way, it seems still wirte data successfully.


How full your disks are ? Is your filesystem writable by the user running elasticsearch ? Are there any warning in elasticsearch logs indicating a high disk usage ?

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