Shard request cache - entirely or partially invalidated due to indexing?

Will the shard request cache invalidate the entire shard's cache if any documents are updated? Or will only the document updated be invalidated in the cache?

It isn't exactly clear in the documentation:

Cached results are invalidated automatically whenever the shard refreshes

Double checking if there's anyone out there that can confirm this.

After reading this again, I am leaning towards the entire shard being cleared, not individual documents.

The requests cache is a very good fit for the logging use case, where only the most recent index is being actively updated — results from older indices will be served directly from the cache.

For the logging case, seems like what's mentioned here is that logging to new indexes or new shards would mean old ones don't get refreshed, and don't have their caches invalidated. Guess there's no way to do that on a shard that is being updated, even if it's just appends.

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