Sharding and routing, need advices


I have 3 main servers that should have all available data.
Data is routed by year.
The data is from 51 differents countries.
Because of the way content is searched (searched accross all countries), i should not route data by country.
From what i understand of routing and sharding, If i was about to route content by country i would search 51 shards which might not be the best for performance reason.

I have 16 other servers or vps which share the same content as the 3 main servers above but each of those 16 servers should only have countries specific content.
It would be easy to have those 16 servers have only country specific content by routing it by countries but as i describe above my content is routed by year.

Data from all servers should be sync by country specific servers but at query time the main servers should not query the 16 others servers and vice versa.

Is it possible to build this kind of setup?

Thank you very much.