Shards allocation monitoring

This is a query to get the number of shards for an index called products. We can see that it has 10 shards / 1 replica

And this is what I see in xpack monitoring for that same index, each shard and replica appears twice.

Is this a bug in xpack?

What is the version of xpack ?

We are using ECE, version 6.2.4.
(Therefore xpack 6.2.4 as well)

It's strange though, when it happens, if I restart the cluster, then it's fixed. But eventually it comes back.
Pretty sure it's just a UI bug.

Can you raise a support issue so we can dig into it?

Done. Case id 5006100000M4R7Q on

Looks like I made a wrong assumption here, just because you are using ECE doesn't mean you are a subscription customer as there's an ECE trial period.

I know support is following this one up as well, but the best bet would be to raise an issue on and add the Monitoring label. Apologies for the confusion here.

No worries @warkolm, there it is:

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