Shards allocation unbalanced on nodes

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I'm using ES v5.6.3, with 3 data nodes. All indices have default 5:1 (primary:replica) setting. After it runs for awhile (from logstash to ES) I noticed one data node has 50% disk.used_percent where all other 2 nodes have only 28%. I'm curious about it, and would assume ES will evenly distribute primary and replica shards across data nodes.

Node1: p2, p4, r0, r1, r3
Node2: p0, r4, r2
Node3: p1, p3.

Is there any way we can rebalance the shards "evenly" across nodes?

GET _cluster/settings
  "persistent": {},
  "transient": {
    "cluster": {
      "routing": {
        "rebalance": {
          "enable": "all"
        "allocation": {
          "allow_rebalance": "always",
          "enable": "all"

I also have the allocation awareness setting as well


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It looks like you can manually do it

But, I'm hoping ES can self balance somehow.
Please advise.


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