Shards failed message in Kibana - (5 of 28 Shards failed)

Can someone please provide me more details and guidance about how I deal with this issue?

We have dedicated ES cluster with following

Nodes: 11

Indices: 57

Memory: 37.9 GB / 118.7 GB

Total Shards: 319

Unassigned Shards: 0

Documents: 2,719,323,165

Data: 1.3 TB

This error is only showing up for nessus-* indexes. This has started showing up recently.

Any help is appreciated.


I see only issue with nessus-* index is data mapping for IP Address field. Older index have right mapping to type IP but newer index is mapped with Default. Do you think this could be a source of issue?

Please provide your valuable feedbacks and comments/suggestions.

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